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Updated: Jan 12

Botanical Name : Psidium guajava

Family : Myrtaceae

In India, it is effectively developed in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa and Tripura. Uttar Pradesh is considered as the most significant guava delivering province of India, and Allahabad-Varanasi region has the of reputation developing the best quality guava in the nation just as on the planet. It is a strong tree, tall,more than 2.5 m in stature and energetic in development. The leaves are light green in shading and finely pubescent.The tree is bountifully spread bearing a white fragrant blossom which bears roundish to applaud natural fruits.

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Guava:

Densely packed with nutrients, guava is, without a doubt, a perfect addition if you want to improve your health and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that guava has to offer ranging from heart health, digestive system and skin.

1. Works as an Antioxidant

Stacked with nutrients and phytochemicals, guava has a great cancer prevention agent quality that is connected with its utilization. Free radicals or free oxygen molecules are the free-meandering particles in the circulatory system that likewise will in general consolidate with solid cells. It got antioxidant properties.

On the other hand, having an antioxidant-rich diet aims at lowering the concentration of these free radicals and reducing the risk of free-radical damages and reducing the risk of diseases like cancer.

2. Good For Digestion

The dietary fiber substance of guava proves to be useful with regards to boosting digestion. A solitary guava can give upto 12% (3 grams) of suggested dietary fiber. One of the primary elements of fiber is to add to the main part of your stool, which animates defecation and brings down the danger of acid reflux. Then again, since fiber is a macronutrient that is very difficult to process, the stomach requires more exertion in finishing its work and subsequently expands the body's digestion.

3. Guava Aids In Weight Loss

Guava is rich with fibers and so it aids in weight loss.The fiber content in the guava will take longer period of time to undergo digestion. The guava will Decease appetite by slowing down the digestion process with the fibers present in it.Moreover, as it was mentioned that the stomach requires an extra amount of effort to adequately digest guava, the body’s metabolism increases, which also results in the effective burning of calories.

4. Guava Is Diabetes-Friendly | Can Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Guavas can prevent the development of diabetes and assist lower with blooding sugar levels . Despite the fact that guava may be thickly stuffed with supplements, its low glycemic levels is something that gets individuals off guard. Notwithstanding that, guava's fiber rich nature permits it to hinder digestion, which further hinders the retention of sugar by the blood and gives the pancreas enough an ideal opportunity for the emission of a satisfactory measure of insulin (a hormone the separates sugar atoms and changes over them into vitality). This aides in the counteraction of the sudden spike in the glucose level.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Guavas can likewise assist with managing hypertension. Practically all the food things that you devour have a specific measure of sodium. In spite of the fact that there may be a bunch of advantages connected with the utilization of this mineral, its overwhelming and unregulated utilization can, be that as it may, bring about some reactions.

An excessive amount of sodium can bring about the constriction of the inward vein dividers in your body, which could additionally expand your circulatory strain. Be that as it may, guava, a food thing being plentiful in nutrient and minerals, for example, phosphorus, will in general neutralize the impacts of high sodium levels in your blood. These minerals have a certain widening impact on your veins and assist you with keeping up sound pulse.

6. Helps You Deal With Stress

One of the fundamental minerals separated from potassium, which is available in guava, is magnesium. This extraordinary mineral is advantageous for loosening up your muscles and nerves, a property that makes it an incredible piece of your post-exercise supper. As guava can be very useful in loosening up your nerve tissues, it can, luckily, help you in managing pressure and forestalls sleeplessness.The nearness of nutrient B3 and B6 may help in advancing intellectual healthy.

7. Protects You From Viral Infection

It has been seen that low admission of nutrient C can prompt higher danger of Infections. Guavas or amrood are loaded with nutrient C, which is basic for solid invulnerability. This is by a long shot the most unrivaled advantage of guava that made it a significant piece of different restorative conventions during old times.The high nutrient C substance of guava is very gainful for assurance against different irresistible illnesses, for example, hack and cold. It helps in sterilizing the body part that has been assaulted by the outside pathogens and brings down the danger of getting any type of viral contamination.

8. Guavas Promote Skin Health

The nearness of nutrients and the compelling cancer prevention agent property connected with guavas not just aides in the avoidance of free radical-prompted harm, yet it can also help with the assurance of your skin cells against those oxygen iotas and improve your skin's healthy. Guavas, which are stacked with nutrient C is additionally fundamental for expanding the water maintenance limit of your skin cells, therefore keeping them saturated and Healthy.

Managing at an early stage set of wrinkles and a skin break out issue? Guava leaves can help decrease the indications of maturing and can help in the treatment of skin break out as well. Guava leaves can be utilized to make a natural tea mixture and use it like you would utilize a green tea.

9. Guava Improves Your Oral Health

Guavas are a decent wellspring of nutrients and minerals. The guava leaves are known for having ground-breaking mitigating properties. The viable enemy of bacterial properties make guava leaves ideal for skin and oral wellbeing. This further fortifies guava's case of being an incredible expansion for your oral wellbeing as it helps in decreasing the plaque arrangement and furthermore helps in purifying teeth.

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Guava cultivation | Health Benefits| Pest & Disease Control| Profits| BestPractiz-Agri

What are the Optimum conditions required for Guava Plant?


The significance of guava is because of the way that it is a solid plant, which can be developed on wide assortments of soils including shallow, medium dark and basic soil. Be that as it may, it develops effectively on very much depleted soils with atleast 0.5 to 1m top to bottom. The Soil ought not be profound, damp, low lying, having hard dish or water table in the root zones. The pH ought to be between 5.5 to 7.5.


Guava is effectively become under tropical and subtropical atmosphere. The nature of the organic products is better in zones having unmistakable winters consequently guava become close Allahabad is well known for the best quality organic products. In spite of the fact that guava endures dry spell, irrigation systems are required. It develops best with a yearly precipitation around 1000 mm limited among June and September.

Nursery & Planting Stage:

Seed Propagation:

Guava engendered from seeds develops in around three weeks. Newly extricated seeds of completely developed organic products ought to be utilized for this reason. Seedlings can be brought up in nursery or in polyethylene packs. Seed practicality decreases rapidly after extraction from natural products. Considering the hard layer of the seeds it is important to pour bubbling water on the seeds and permitting it to absorb water for about fourteen days preceding planting or rewarding them with solid sulfuric corrosive for five minutes encourages their germination.

However the raising of the guava plants from seed is not desirable, since the seedling trees differ greatly from their mother plants.

Vegetative Propagation:


Air-layering is the business technique practically speaking for engendering of guava. The best an ideal opportunity for air-layering in guava is among April and June in the warm and damp atmosphere, when the normal temperature fluctuates somewhere in the range of 29.3 and 30.5°C and relative dampness somewhere in the range of 69.0 and 80.0 percent. A shoot from earlier year's development of 1cm in width is chosen for air-layering. A ring of bark about 3cm long is evacuated. This zone is secured with wet sphagnum greenery and attached with polyethylene film. The establishing happens in around 30-40 days.

Veneer grafting, T-budding, Forkert budding are some of the other methods of propagating guava.


The land should be deeply ploughed, harrowed and leveled before planting. The trees are usually planted about 6x6m apart. In a square system of planting, guava is commonly planted at 5mx5m or 6mx6m spacing accommodating 278-400 plants per hectare.

Pit Digging:

Pits of 0.6 m3 are burrowed by the format plan. While digging the pits, the top portion of the Soil is independently stored. The pits are presented to for 2-3 weeks. The pits are loaded up with 1:1 blend of Soil and FYM or natural issue. Furthermore 1kg of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) might be added to it. The soil is permitted to settle by water system.

Method of Planting:

The unions are planted by making a little gap in the focal point of the pit adequate to suit the soil ball. Care ought to be taken to keep the unite association well over the ground level. The soil around the plant is squeezed tenderly. Planting ought to be promptly trailed by water system. In the event of high wind speed the plants are attached to the stake.

Training and Pruning:

Training and Pruning is necessary to provide stronger frame work to guava tree. Stronger frame work helps to support high yield. To maintain the productivity of trees, light pruning at time of first harvesting is necessary. Regularly remove dead and diseased infected branches. Modified leader system of training is followed. Flowers in guava are borne on current season’s growth so carry out light annual pruning and remove up to 10cm tip, it will encourage new shoots after harvesting.

Weed Control:

The plantation ought to be kept in every case liberated from weeds. During stormy season, weeding is done occasionally. Light harrowing can check the weeds effectively. The weed development around the seedlings ought to be held down and utilized as mulch.


Vegetables and leguminous yields like peas, cowpea and gram can be effectively developed as intercrops.


Subsequent to planting, water crop quickly, at that point inundate on third day, a while later flood contingent on soil type and atmosphere. Water system isn't required to well set up plantations. Youthful estate required water system at week after week stretch in summer month and 2-3 water system during winter month. Stay away from flood water system during blossoming stage as it prompts inordinate bloom drop.


Guava fruits ripen five months after flowering and they are harvested when the fruits turn greenish yellow. Ripening is associated with a change of skin colour from green to yellow. Guava trees with seed origin starts bearing when the trees are 4-5 years old, while vegetatively propagated guava starts bearing at the age of 2-3 years. Harvesting of guava needs extra care because the fruit has soft thin skin. It is normally harvested manually to avoid physical injuries.


The normal yield in India is around 9 tons/ha however it tends to be as high as 25-35 t/ha in gangetic fields. A 10-year-old plant yields around 1000 to 1500 natural products for every year.

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Post Harvest Technology:

Subsequent to reaping, complete cleaning, evaluating and pressing tasks. As gauva is short-lived natural products, it ought to be advertised following harvest. For pressing use CFB, layered fiber boxes or bamboo basckets of different size.


The fruits are mostly graded as per the size and colour. Fully ripened fruits, which are yellow in colour are immediately sent to the market.


For local markets the fruits are packed in bamboo baskets. As a padding material neem leaves or dried grass is used.


Mature-green and partially-ripe guavas are stored at 8-10°C for 2-3 weeks

while fully-ripe guavas are stored at 5-8°C for 1 week at 90-95% optimum relative humidity

Pest And Their Control:

Fruit Fly:

It is not kidding bug of guava. Females lay eggs beneath epidermis of youthful natural products. Later on slimy parasites feed on mash a while later natural fruits begins spoiling and get drop.


In the event that plantations are having history of natural product fly, abstain from taking stormy season crop. Do gathering at opportune time. Maintain a strategic distance from delay in gathering. Expel and decimated invaded branches, natural products from field. Take splash of Fenvalerate@80ml in 150Ltr of water at week after week spans on organic product aging. Collect ought to be done after third day of splashing.

Mealy Bug:

They suck sap from different plant parts and thus weaken plant.


If infestations of sucking pests like Mealy bug is observed then to control spray with Chlorpyriphos 50EC @300ml/100Ltr of water.

Guava Shoot Borer:

It is a serious pest of nursery. Infested shoots get dry up.


If infestation is observed, take spray of Chlorpyriphos@500ml or Quinalphos@400ml in 100Litres of water per acre.


Serious and common pest of Guava. Adult and nymphs, both suck the sap thus weaken the plant. In severe infestation, they cause curling and deformation of young leaves. They secrete honey dew like substance and Sooty,black mould is developed on affected parts.


If infestation is observed to control takes spray of Dimethoate@20ml or Methyl Demeton@20ml per 10Ltr water on new flush.

Disease And Their Control:


Serious disease of Guava crop. Yellowing, wilting of leaves along with defoliation are symptoms of wilt infestation.


Keep field well drained; avoid water logging condition in field. Remove and destroyed infected plants away from field. Drench nearby soil with Copper oxychloride@25gm or Carbendazim@20gm/10Ltr of water.

Anthracnose or Dieback:

Dark brown or black spots are observed on shoots. On fruits also small, raise, dark spots are observed. Fruits rot completely within 2 to 3days after infection.


Keep field perfect, demolished tainted plant parts, natural products likewise evade water logging condition in soil. In the wake of pruning take splash of Captan@300gm in 100Ltr water. At organic product set recurrent the shower of Captan and proceed till natural products get develop with timespan 15days. In the event that pervasion saw in field take splash of Copper oxychloride@30gm/10Ltr on tainted trees.


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